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This website is built and maintained by John Linstrom, series editor of The Liberty Hyde Bailey Library, published under the Comstock Publishing Associates imprint of Cornell University Press. It was developed in the summer of 2020 as part of a Brine Internship in Digital Humanities sponsored by New York University, in collaborative partnership with Cornell University Press, The Agrarian Library, and the Rural Humanities Initiative at Cornell University. Special thanks also go to the following people:

Brine Internship advisors:

  • Tom Augst, Associate Professor of English, New York University
  • Deena Engel, Clinical Professor Emerita of Computer Science, New York University
  • Joe Versoza, Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science, New York University

Rural Humanities collaborators:

  • Scott J. Peters, Professor of Development Sociology, Cornell University
  • Talia Isaacson, student in English and Rural Humanities, Cornell University

“Marvels at Our Feet” exhibition co-curator:

  • John A. Stempien, U. S. History Teacher, Lowell Middle School; Director Emeritus, Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Library team:

  • Kitty Liu, Acquiring Editor; Editorial Director, Comstock Publishing Associates
  • Robert Dirig, Advisory Board; Former Assistant Curator of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium Herbarium (1980-2008), Cornell University
  • Scott J. Peters, Advisory Board; Professor of Development Sociology, Cornell University
  • Daniel Wayne Rinn, Advisory Board; Postdoctoral Scholar, The Humanities and Social Change Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Mary Swander, Advisory Board; Distinguished Professor of English, Emerita, Iowa State University, and former Poet Laureate of Iowa
  • Paul B. Thompson, Advisory Board; W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics, Michigan State University

Additional technical advice and support:

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