The Digital Library: The Open Country Books

“A continuing company of genial little books about the out-of-doors under the editorship of L. H. Bailey […] about weather and the sky, scenery, camps, recreation, quadrupeds, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles, plants, and the places in the open.” -from the front matter of The Apple-Tree (1922), pg. iv. This describes the initial intent of the series, which was not ultimately realized.

Note: The Open Country Books constituted one of Bailey’s editorial projects. It did not grow to the extent apparently intended, ultimately containing only a handful of volumes, each by a different author but all under Bailey’s editorship. A full list of the series has not been attempted to date, and this page lists the only book in the series of which Bailey was listed as a primary author (see note for the complete Chronological List).

The Apple-Tree. The Open Country Books 1. New York: Macmillan, 1922.

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