The Forerunners

“Happiness is a quality of a person, not of a plant or a garden; and the anticipation of joy in the writing of a book may be the reason why so many books on gardening have been written. […] But even the fact that these books pass into oblivion does not deter another hand from making still another venture!” –LHBGC, p. 14

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The Forerunners: Among other things, Bailey was also a historian of horticulture, amassing a large library of horticultural texts reportedly dating back to the Middle Ages. In this section, explore some of the early horticulturists admired by Bailey whom he names in The Gardener’s Companion. The photograph below depicts Bailey next to a stack of his own books.

George Silk, Liberty Hyde Bailey and his publications, photograph for Life Magazine, March 10, 1951. Liberty Hyde Bailey Papers, #21-2-3342. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library. Also available online here.

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