James Vick

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“James Vick,” in L. H. Bailey, ed., Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture (1927), new edition, vol. II, fig. 1905, and here.

“It was in my early years that James Vick’s Catalogue and Floral Guide found its way from Rochester, New York, to our home, and this disclosed abundant wonders and offered seeds of them. His Catalogue for 1872 is before me as I write […].” –LHBGC, p. 207 (written 1938)

Vick, James (Fig. 1905), seedsman and editor, was born at Portsmouth, England, November 23, 1818, and died at Rochester, New York, May 16, 1882. He came to America at the age of twelve, learned the printer’s trade, and in 1850 became editor of the ‘Genesee Farmer,’ then published at Rochester by Luther Tucker and subsequently absorbed by ‘The Cultivator.’ In 1853 he purchased Downing‘s magazine, ‘The Horticulturist,’ and published it for a time, the editor being Patrick Barry. In 1860 Vick entered the seed business and his trade soon grew to large proportions. For about twenty years his name was a household word, being associated especially with flowers. In 1878 he founded ‘Vick’s Magazine.’ Vick’s personality was thoroughly amiable, and his letters in ‘Vick’s Magazine’ to children and to garden-lovers everywhere show the great hold he had on the hearts of the people.” -Wilhelm Miller, in The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture (1914-17), edited by L. H. Bailey, Popular Edition, vol. II, 1947, p. 1601

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